Hayward Pool Products


Weekly Service
Native Sun is your resource for worry free, year round maintenance of your swimming pool. We provide trained and dedicated technicians to diagnose your water woes and fix them quickly. NSPS performs 5 quality points of service for your pool each week to ensure your water getaway is ready for you to enjoy.
  1. Remove debris from the water
    • skim the top (net)
    • brush the sides/ steps
    • vacuum if necessary
  2. Empty the baskets
    • skimmer baskets
    • pump strainer baskets
    • in line vacuum leaf catchers
    • in deck leaf catchers
  3. Inspect equipment
    • is the vacuum running
    • is the pump priming
    • backwash filter as needed
    • are the pop-ups working
    • clean salt cells as needed
  4. Balance chemicals
    • chlorine= 3-5ppm
    • pH= 7.0-7.8
    • alkalinity= 80- 140
  5. Straiten up around the deck


NSPS tech getting a vacuum working again