Hayward Pool Products


NSPS gives our customers the best bang for the buck. Our fees are fair and our monthly service is more than worth it. We will beat any offer. The following monthly service fees are generalities. A final quote is required upon inspection of the pool to determine the amount of time each weekly visit will take. Service is once per week, billed once per month in advance.
Chemical policy
  • Chemical only check/ balance = $50
  • Play Pools or large spas 0-10,000 gallons = $60
  • Average diving pool 10,000-30,000 gallons = $80
  • Large diving pool    30,000-50,000 gallons = $90
  • Huge pool 50,000 + gallons = $100+
  • Labor cost is $50/hour for other work such as repairs

Chemical Charges

NSPS requires that customers provide chlorine in addition to the monthly service charge. Chlorine tabs are available through NSPS for a discounted rate. Customers with salt water pools are not required to purchase tabs. Tabs are delivered free of charge.

  • 50lb bucket 3" tabs =$107.80 (inc. tax)
  • 35lb bucket 3" tabs =$65 (inc. tax)

Muriatic acid and soda ash to balance pH, up to 2lbs chlorine shock and DE are provided, as needed to maintain water chemistry balance.

Other chemicals may need to be periodically used and will be charged for. This typically include, but are not limited to:

  • phosphate remover
  • alkalinity increaser
  • algaecide
  • clarifier
  • salt (for salt water pools)